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Compact Bowl & Whisks

This compact mixing bowl and all accessories shown fit any and
all models of Bosch Compact Mixer. The bowl lid (1) has changed
a little over the years but fits all models. The dough guard (6) will fit any age dough hook as well.
You can purchase items 1 thru 6 also.

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5.Bosch Compact Whisk 6.Bosch Compact Dough Hook



Sale Price:
$4.99: 1-029466 Dough Guard
$14.50: 2-482103 Bowl Lid
$22.50: 3-086067 Stirring Whisk
$28.99: 6-080060 Dough Hook
$29.99: 4-086065 Mixing Bowl
$32.99: 5-086066 Beating Whisk
$125.00: Compact Bowl Pack (all items, 1-6)
Compact Bowl & Whisks:
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