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Compact Continuous<br>Slicer/Shredder<br>

Compact Continuous

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The Continuous Slicer/Shredder comes with three disks, with five cutting surfaces: course and fine shredding, thick (approx 1/8th of and inch) and thin (approx 1/16th of and inch)slicing, and a super fine shredding disc for hard cheeses, almonds into a super fine grate and ice into snow cones.iscs. This shredder is designed for continuous operation with no limitation to the amount that you can process. Attached to the Bosch Compact machine you can shred or slice directly into the mixing bowl or into any container that will fit under the power head with the bowl removed. This is a wonderful accessory watch for our video coming soon.


Optional Accessory Disks (not included with Slicer/Shredder):

Accessory Holder Compact








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Price: $69.99
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