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Bamix Accessories

Multipurpose blade
Chops raw or cooked vegetables and fruit, frozen fruit for ice-cream. Strains vegetables for soups and sauces. Purees baby food direct in the pan on the stove (no pouring from one container to another plus washing-up). Mixes doughs for cakes, biscuits or pancakes. Liquidizes fruit and berries for sweets and jams. Crushes ice-cubes in seconds Beater
Beats mousse and egg-whites. Whips cream and even skim milk into a diet topping. Blends sauces. Homogenizes and aerates shakes and creams. Foams up cream soups and different foam desserts. For everything which should be light and fluffy. Choose an image to preview
Stirs and creams pancakes, omelets and batters. Mashes potatoes. Creams puddings. Emulsifies salad dressings - and even cosmetics. You whisk your mayonnaise within seconds (and it is natural, without additives and preservatives!). You can mix your cocktail drinks better than a bar-keeper. For all mixtures with a thick or cream consistency. Meat- and Vegetable blade
Chops and minces small quantities of raw and cooked meat, raw or cooked fish. Perfect for vegetables with coarse fibers.
Wet & Dry Grinder (Processor)
Suitable for dry and wet ingredients. Grinds all kinds of dry and wet food like dried vegetables, chocolate, sugar to icing sugar, spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg etc., coffee, dried bread to bread crumbs, dried fish, dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanut to peanut butter, grains and poppy-seeds. Mixes small quantities of spreads and baby food. Minces garlic, onion, coconut, chili, vegetables, horse-radish, all kinds of herbs, small quantities of meat or fish, mimosa egg. Not Available Until Further notice
Bamix Food Processor with Powder Disk Attachment 

Suitable for dry and wet ingredients. Grinds all kinds of dry and wet food, such as dried vegetables, hard cheese, chocolate, sugar into icing sugar, spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc., coffee, dried bread into breadcrumbs, dried fish, dried mushrooms, all kinds of nuts, peanuts to peanut butter, grains and seeds. Includes the powder disk that will grind pepper or cinnamon into a very fine powder.


Stores and makes easily accessible the bamix and its plug-on work heads. If installed over your working surface then your bamix is always on hand.

Mayonnaise beaker 400 ml
Perfect for small quantities. The ideal size for making a mayonnaise with 1 egg or egg-white from 1 to 2 eggs. With the close fitting snap-on lid you can store your mayonnaise for weeks in the fridge. Ideally suited for storing food. The beaker is made of Polycarbonate which is break, shock and heat resistant up to 150ºC, suitable for use in freezers and microwave ovens, non-toxic and dishwasher proof.
Jug 600 ml
Specific inner shape for the work with bamix. Made of polycarbonate, a material which is shock-, break and heat-resistant up to 150ºC. Suitable for use in freezer and microwave oven. Non-toxic and dishwasher-proof. Close fitting snap-on lid # 64007 allows safe storage of food. (Standard accessories from bamix cassette)
Beaker with Handle
1000 ml


  • Made of polycarbonate. It is break proof and heat-resistant up to 150º C / 302º F
  • Suitable for use in a freezer and microwave oven
  • Non-toxic and dishwasher proof
  • Close-fitting snap-on lid allows safe storage of food
  • Jug is marked in ml and fl-oz; marks are as follows: 100 ml / 200 ml / 300 ml / 400 ml / 500 ml / 600 ml / 700 ml / 800 ml / 900 ml; 5 flozs / 10 flozs / 15 flosz / 20 flozs / 25 flozs / 30 floz
  • Capacity: 1 l / 33.8 floz
  • Made in Switzerland
Bamix Parts/Bamix Parts & Accessories 790.001
Transform your Bamix Professional Immersion Blender into a multi-functional mini food processor with this innovative attachment. You can count on it for a multitude of kitchen tasks  from chopping onions and grating cheeses to cutting fruits and vegetables into thin, uniform slices.

Bamix SliceSy Food Processor Accessory

Instructional CD
This informative video is a great instructional tool that will allow you to easily follow along and also includes some great recipes.

Sale Price:
$5.95: Video
$6.95: Wall Bracket/Beaker 400 ml
$10.00: Jug 600 ml
$12.00: Beater/Whisk
$12.95: Stand
$14.00: Multipurpose Blade
$18.00: Meat and Vegetable Blade
$20.00: Beaker 1000 ml
$24.95: Grinder
$32.95: Wet and Dry Grinder (Processor)
$46.00: Processor w/Powder Disk
$99.95: Bamix SliceSy
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