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Bamix Deluxe Hand Mixer Black-Sale $199.95

Bamix Deluxe Black

Bamix Deluxe M150 Black

Bamix® can do almost everything a large food processor
can do and it does it in any receptacle, even in a pot on
the stove. Bamix mixes, purées, emulsifies, aerates,
chops, grinds etc.
Bamixis extremely handy, amazingly light-weight,
requires a minimum of space... and it is cleaned
in seconds!
Bamix and is manufactured entirely in Switzerland.
Bamix is guaranteed whisper-quiet and vibration-free.
Includes beater, whisk, multi-purpose blade, white stand, 
grinding processor and recipe and instruction booklets. 
Technical details:


150  W heavy-duty AC motor
Two-fold insulation
Twin switch
2 speed settings
(depending on the wattage):
Setting 1: 10,00011,500 rpm
Setting 2: 16,00016,500 rpm

Official tested safety certificate for various countries.
All parts that come into contact with food are made 
of top-quality rust-free materials, are odourless,
tasteless and food-safe.
















Meat and
Chops and minces small quantities of 
raw and cooked meat, raw or cooked fish. 
Perfect for vegetables with coarse fibers.

400 ml
Perfect for small quantities. The ideal size for making
a mayonnaise with 1 egg or egg-white from 1 to 2 eggs. 
With the close fitting snap-on lid you can store your 
mayonnaise for weeks in the fridge.

600 ml
Perfect for medium quantities. Together with the close-fitting
snap-on lid, the beaker is not only for use with the bamix®.
It is also ideal for storing food. The beaker is made of
polycarbonate, which is breakproof, shockproof and
heat-resistant up to 150º C. Suitable for use in freezers
and microwave ovens, non-toxic and dishwasher proof.

Poly Jug
900 ml
Specific inner shape for the work with Bamix®.
Made of polycarbonate, a material which is shock-, 
break and heat-resistant up to 150ºC. Suitable 
for use in freezer and microwave oven. Non-toxic
and dishwasher-proof. Close fitting snap-on lid allows 
safe storage of food.

Price: $199.95
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