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Family Living Grain Mill
Built by Messerschmidt
Attaches to Bosch and Kitchenaid Mixers

This grain mill accessory is manufactured in Germany by Messerschmidt. The milling heads are made of a high-carbon surgical stainless steel.  Because of the 1" diameter of the milling head on this accessory, it will not allow your kitchen mixer motor to over heat.   You can turn the dial on the mill and change texture from fine flour to cracked wheat/grain.

NOTE:(This grain mill will attach directly to a Kitchenetics (also labeled K-Tec, Magic Mill Classic, Premier 500 or Wietek K-11) Kitchen Machine without the need of an adapter.Family Living Grain Mill Accessory attached to hand base 

The Family Living Grain Mill accessory can be attached  to a hand-turned base for manual operation. It can also be operated with power from any of the following: (1) Jupiter motor base, (2) Bosch Universal Plus (including UM3 and MUM6 series), (3) Bosch Compact series (UM4, UM44, MUM4), (4) Kitchenaid stand mixers. 
You must purchase a Bosch adapter  for the Bosch Universal or a Compact adapter for the Compact Series or Kitchenaid adapter  for a Kitchenaid stand mixer.
Family Living Grain Mill on Motor Base(1)The Family Living Motor base (Jupiter) Grain Mill Combo comes with a motor unit (110-120V, 150W, 60HZand a hand base so it can be used with or without power!
The Family Living Grain Mill is great for those who want the ease of grinding with an electric unit and the flexibility of grinding by hand as well.
The Family living Grain Mill provides: Great range of coarseness from fine bread flour to a coarse cracked wheat.
Manufacturer's Warranty is 5 years. (excluding replaceable burrs)
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(2) The Bosch Universal and the new Universal Plus.  Place the mixer on its side and attach the adapter and grain mill.  This adapter will also allow you to use the Family Living brand flaker, meat grinder and slicer shredder attachments.
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(3) With the Bosch Compact mixer, you raise the head to the upright position (as shown) and  attach the adapter.





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Next, attach any of the Family Living brand accessories to the adapter!
Kitchenaid with grain mill accessory

(4) This accessory is wonderful on a Kitchenaid! I love the fact that the  milling  heads are only 1" in diameter requiring very little effort for the Kitchenaid to mill flour.  (Kitchenaid offers a grain mill attachment.  Customers have told us that the motor gets hot, but this is not the case with the Family Living Mill.)  All Family Living attachments can be used on your Kitchenaid with this adapter. 

This mill will be considerably slower than the high speed impact mills such as the Nutrimill and the Ultramill.  If you see yourself making a lot of bread then make sure to take a look at the Nutrimill and Ultramill.
This is the same hand-turned base shown on the flaker page. This base will operate all the family living accessories.
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Choose from the options below at discount package pricing


The family living grain mill can be attached directly to the kitchenaid or  directly to the Bosch Universal Series  without an adapter. Just choose the "direct fit" option below. (Note the "direct fit accessories cannot be fitted to the hand-turned base and there by cannot be operated without power!) 

Sale Price:
$47.95: Adapter Only Bosch
$129.96: Grain Mill Direct Fit Kitchenaid
$129.99: Grain Mill w/Bosch Adapter
$159.95: Grain Mill w/Kitchenaid Adapter
$199.95: Grain Mill w/Hand-Turned Base
$219.95: Grain Mill w/Hand-Turned Base and Bosch Compact Ad
$219.98: Grain Mill w/Hand-Turned Base and Bosch Adapter
$219.99: Grain Mill w/Hand-Turned Base and Kitchenaid Adapt
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