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Universal and Concept Meat Grinder

Universal and Concept Meat Grinder

Bosch Universal Meat GrinderDesigned to fit all Bosch stand mixer/kitchen machines whose model numbers begin with UM3, MUM 6, MUM 7, and MEK 7, this attachment easily grinds raw or cooked meat, poultry, and fish, and also grates vegetables and cheese. (The grinder has no motor and cannot operate independently of the Bosch machines listed. In order to be used the with MUM 7 machines, it requires either Bosch's MUZ7AD1 adapter or MUZ7WG1 angled gearing attachment. In order to be used with the MEK 7 machine it requires the MUZ7WG1 angled gearing attachment.) Made of metal and rugged plastic, the grinder comes with a stainless-steel 4-blade cutter blade and a disk with 0.18-inch (4.5-millimeter) perforations. The 4.5-mm disk is perfect for meats and relishes.  The grinder's plastic feeder tray measures a generous 12 by 6 inches, and the accompanying plastic stuffer is 9 inches long, with a large grip. The grinder is capable of processing up to 4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) per minute. It disassembles easily for cleaning.

Available separately for fitting onto the meat grinder are the following Bosch accessories: the 2-mm, 3-mm, 6-mm, and 8-mm disks (round holes; 2- & 3-mm disks make great nut butters, 8-mm disk makes excellent salsas); the 10-mm square disk; the two (2) blade cutter; the grating attachment (MUZ7RV1) for grating nuts and breadcrumbs; the pasta attachment (MUZ7NV1), which includes a set of 12 disks for extruding various pasta shapes; the sausage stuffer attachment (MUZ7WS2), which includes a set of three tips for stuffing different size sausages and shaping croquettes and dumplings (requires angled gearing); the berry press (MUZJFV1), for juicing berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, and more; and the cookie and pastry press attachment (MUZJSV1) for making different fancy cookie and pastry shapes.

• Grinds raw or cooked meat, poultry, fish and grates vegetables and cheese.
• Stainless-steel cutting blade with 0.18-inch (4.5-mm) perforated disk
• Processes up to 4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) per minute
• Dimensions 11.82 long, 6.11 wide, 3.82 high

Optional Bosch Meat Grinder Accessories:


Grinder Discs (2 Meat Grinder Discs (3 and 8 mm)Universal Meat Grinder Disc (2mm)Universal Meat Grinder Disc (3mm)Universal Meat Grinder Disc (6mm)Universal Meat Grinder Disc (8mm)Universal Meat Grinder Disc (14 mm)

MUZ6FV1 Fruit and Berry PressCookie and Pastry PressGrating 

AttachmentPasta AttachmentsUniversal 

Sausage Stuffer Attachment

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