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Kitchenetics, Magic Mill Classic, Wietek Bowl Parts

This Kitchen Machine (manufactured by Wietek in Germany) has been sold by many different distributors in the US and Canada. Some of the names that I have seen and worked on are; Kitchenetics, KTec Champ, Magic Mill Classic, Premier 500, Grain County Mixer. Some of these mixers still have the "Wietek K-11" name on a sticker that is on the bottom of the machine. We have sold these parts on a first come-first served bases.The parts that are sold out are unavailable to order. 
Wietek Bowl Parts

Sale Price:
$8.99: 304106 Center Lid (NEW)
$9.99: 1-304300 Wire Whip (1)
$12.98: 3-304375 Sun Gear
$14.99: 2-304310 Whip Drive-Hood
$20.00: 304107 Cookie Whips (NEW)
$22.95: 7-Bowl Kneading Arm
$29.99: 6-Bowl Drive Shaft
Wietek Kitchen Machine Parts:
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