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County Living Grain Mill
Simply The BEST Hand Mill Made

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This Country Living hand grain mill has been touted for
years as the finest hand mill available! We agree. If you
want the best, this is it. The flour is finer than any hand
mill we have used! The Country Living Hand Mill can be converted
to operation with an exercise bike , or you can attach a electric motor 
and operate it using power. 

Country Living Mill Features:

  • Designed to last for many lifetimes, 20 Year Warranty
  • The Country Living Grain Mill will grind virtually all dry grains and legumes.
  • It is designed to be quickly and simply motorized
  • Complete with steel plates & double-sealed industrial grade ball bearings
  • "V" Grooved Flywheel. Connects to alternate source of power i.e..., electric or bicycle
  • 7 1/2 cups of beautiful bread flour in 13 minutes by hand
  • Easiest and fastest hand grinder available
  • Grinds cool, which protects valuable nutrients
  • Large 2 lb. Hopper 
  • 30% less torque, or energy, required to turn than any comparable hand mill
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty in manual operation


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You cannot get the nutrients and fiber found in whole grain, from commercially processed flours. They are all removed and synthetic
nutrients are added (riboflavin, niacin, thiamine-B complex vitamins and iron-mineral, folic acid in recent years and sometimes calcium)
in place of the rich, natural nutrients that grains are grown with. Whole wheat commercially processed flours have only 16-18 percent
of the fiber left. There are 26 vitamins and 7 layers of insoluble fiber in freshly milled grain. These fibers clean our digestive system
and eliminate the need of dietary fiber supplements. A grain flour mill for the home is a wonderful addition to "kitchen tools for health". 
We offer combinations of the Country Living Mill and Accessories below. Each Package includes the Country Living Grain Mill
(CLM) You will save by purchasing in combinations rather than buying each piece individually!

Sale Price:
$529.00: Country Living Mill
Grain Mill:
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