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Bosch Universal Plus Blender



Parts for the Universal & Concept Food Processor Attachments (MUZ6MM3 & MUZ7MM2)
Bosch Universal Plus Blender

Made in Europe

This all-new blender has stainless steel blades that
are scientifically bent and twisted to rotate the ingredients
more efficiently from every point in the blender. When
operating the blender, you will see that the blended
ingredients move up the sides and then pulled down
the center. The blades are removable via a wrench built
into the blender lid. Coupled with the 800 Watt motor on
the Universal Plus this is a most amazing blender.
The All-New changes are:
  1. The lid has a larger funnel
  2. There is a safety switch built into the lid.
  3. The lid locks on by twisting
  4. The blade assembly is all metal!
All New cast stainless steel
heavy duty blade assembly  

MSRP: $74.99

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