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Endurance 1 1/2- 2 and 3 -Cup Measuring Pans

RSVP Endurance Measuring Pans/Cups



Bosch Universal Plus Deluxe Mixer MUM6N21C

RSVP Endurance Measuring Pans/Cups
(Item MEA)
Small but serious 2-cup pan for measuring and cooking! 
Goes directly to the stove top after measuring. Perfectly
balanced with a long-angled handle connected with
substantial rivets to the heavy-duty pan. Stainless steel
with 5-3/4" handle.  We love this measuring cup/pan for
meauring flour into our Bosch mixing bowl to save time.
The standard recipe is 15 cups of flour!
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Sale Price:
$9.99: RSVP 1-1/2-Cup Measuring Pan
$12.50: RSVP 2-Cup Measuring Pan
$14.99: RSVP 3-Cup Measuring Pan
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