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Bosch Flour Sifter
Sale $89.00

Flour Sifter

Flour Sifter
This flour sifter is perfect for sifting whole grain flour for cakes,
tarts and other pastries and bread. This flour becomes unbelievably fine
This is a 70 mesh screen. (210 micron)
Inlcludes: special splatter ring, sifting bowl, sifting brush and screen,
connecting stainless steel shaft with roller ball bearing, silcone
spear gear protector and locking lid.
  • MUZ6FS3  for older style Universal (bowl with 3 locking tabs)
  • MUZ6FS4  for Universal Plus (bowl with 4 locking tabs)


MSRP: $99.99

Price: $89.99
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