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Kuhn Rikon Hotpans Blue


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You can go directly from you stove top to the table! In my kitchen the hotpan does the cooking! The HOTPAN cooks with variable heat without making you and your kitchen hot because the HOTPAN is the pot that cooks almost entirely by itself! It carefully prepares meals and keeps them warm for up to 2 hours. In addition, its contemporary design adds a splash of color to your kitchen.Kuhn Rikon's HOTPAN is made of the finest stainless steel and is suited for all types of stoves and cooking methods. The heat-retaining serving bowl is made of an elegant melamine, an unbreakable plastic. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including deep-freezing, and can safely be washed in your dishwasher. 

These Pans come in 5 sizes:

#30730 - blue 1 Qt Casserole Pan  
#30731 - blue 2 Qt Casserole Pan
#30732 - blue 3 Qt Casserole Pan
#30733 - blue 5 Stockpot
#30734 - blue 4.5 Qt Braisers

Superior Design and Function

Hotpan's unique design seals in flavor, moisture and color and allows you to hold your meals for much longer than with ordinary cookware. The pans consist of two separate pieces--a super-efficient stainless steel cooking pot, and the colorful melamine shell that acts as an insulator and a decorative serving sleeve when slipped over the cooking pot. 
  • More flavorful cooking
  • Colorful outer shell provides a bold, modern presentation
  • Solid stainless steel cooking pot is more efficient
  • Easy pouring & cleanup
  • No burning or sticking
  • Gentle cooking
  • Cooking - serving - 2-hour heat retention
  • Saves 60% of energy
  • Superthermic sandwich base
  • Designed and produced in Switzerland
The dishwasher-safe melamine shell can also do double duty on its own as a salad or serving bowl





Sale Price:
$109.00: Hotpan 1 Qt Casserole 30730 - blue
$129.00: Hotpan 2 Qt Casserole 30731 - blue
$149.00: Hotpan 3 Qt Casserole 30732 - blue
$179.00: Hotpan 5 Qt Stockpot 30733 - blue
$199.00: Hotpan 4.5 Braisers 30734 - blue
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