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Pie Pan,Perfect Ceramic Plates

Rose's "Perfect Pie Plates
Harold Import Company in concert with Rose Levy
Beranbaum introduce Rose's Perfect Pie Plate.
Rose Beranbaum is the author of "The Cake Bible"
and  "The Pie & Pastry Bible". She hosts the PBS
television series Baking Magic.
She has baked pies in dozens of plates over the
years, she decided to design her own perfect pie
plate - the deep fluted edge serve as a mold to
form a beautiful scalloped crust that holds up well
during baking and the plate is shaped to create
an easy decorative border. It is 9" with a 4-cup
capacity, this fine-quality ceramic plate absorbs
and distributes heat evenly to bake a crisper crust.
Sage Rose Bayberry

Price: $23.95
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