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Victorio Motor for Deluxe Hand Mill


Parts for the Universal & Concept Food Processor Attachments (MUZ6MM3 & MUZ7MM2)

Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill Motor
Made in Taiwan
Like choices? We do. With the electric motor accessory for
the Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill you can now have your choice
of hand crank and electric operation. The electric motor
accessory will make your Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill the
perfect Grain Mill for emergency preparedness and
everyday use at a price you can afford.
Designed to be energy efficient and durable; plus its easy to install and use.
Low speed, low heat milling locks in vital nutrients that are destroyed by high speed & high heat methods.
Energy efficient high torque motor and sturdy gearbox with all metal gears provide for years of reliable service and keeps your power bill low.
Very low power consumption (60 Watts max) allows for worry free use with backup emergency power such as generators or battery powered electrical inverter. Its also great for use with off-the-grid electrical production or other situations when every watt counts.
Motor can be installed or removed in just a few seconds.
120 VAC, 60Hz, 60 Watts
Assembled in USA of domestic and foreign components.
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