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Forschner, Victorinox Dough Scraper

Forschner, Victorinox Dough Scraper



Bosch Universal Plus Deluxe Mixer MUM6N21C

Forschner, Victorinox Dough Scraper
When we make whole grain bread in our classes, this
Victorinox 6” Dough Scraper has become a must. We
use it to "cut" in ingredients i.e.. raisins, cinnamon, nuts,
cheese, onion. Cutting these ingredients into an already
developed loaf of bread will not over develop the gluten
thus keeping the dough manageable and non sticky.  It
features a black polypropylene handle and high-carbon
stainless-steel blade that is approved by the National
Sanitation Foundation. Hand washing is recommended
to keep this dough scraper in top condition. Made by
ictorinox, the manufacturer of the original Swiss Army
Knife, this dough scraper comes with a lifetime warranty
against all defects in material and workmanship.  
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