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Bosch Universal
Food Processor Parts (MUZ6MM3)

Bosch universal plus bowl parts, bosch bowl parts, bosch mixer

Sale Price:
$3.50: -1-Lever
$3.60: -2-Spacer
$3.70: -3-Spring
$6.00: -4-Slide
$12.99: -6-Pusher
$13.99: -5-Drive Coupling
$14.99: -7-Disc Holder
$24.99: -9-Bowl Cover/-12- Gear
$26.99: -8-Housing Lower/-15-Upper Housing
$28.99: -16-Toothed Rim
$29.99: -10-Potato Disc/-11-Shredding Disk, Reversible/-13-Slicing Disk, Reversible/-14-Bowl/-17-"S" Blade
$59.99: -18-Complete Base Assy
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