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Bosch Mixer Stainless Steel Dough Hook

This is the all new Solid Stainless Steel Dough Hook attachment. It will attach to all Bosch mixers from 1960 to present.  We have asked for a stainless steel dough hook for 40 years. The Bosch dough hook has an aluminum hub and paddle though the arms are stainless. The All new solid stainless steel dough hook is just that, solid stainless. It also has the dough hook extender molded into its construction. It is FINALLY here. We have tested it and have found that it cleans the center column and keeps it free of dough because of the stainless scrapper. The spur gear (teeth at the top of the center column) stays mostly clear of dough. The clean up after was a breeze.

Price: $44.99
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