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Zojirushi Rice Cooker/Steamer

Zojirushi Rice Cooker/Steamer


Plump, tender and moist grains of rice, with the option of colorful steamed veggies, can be yours with this cooker/steamer. No need to worry about rice drying out and sticking to the sauce pan either, as the "keep warm" function will maintain ideal temperature and consistency until you're ready to serve. Use the steamer basket for chicken, seafood, or vegetables - healthy cooking was never this easy!

See through glass lid; stay cool handles; removable nonstick inner cooking pan. Stainless steel steaming tray and automatic keep warm function.

Capacity: 6 cups/1.2 liters (NHS-10), 10 cups/1.8 liters (NHS-18)

Color: White, Metallic Gray

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The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook, by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann      The Versatile Rice Cooker, by Bob and Coleen Simmons

Sale Price:
$64.99: White-6 cups/1.2 liters (NHS-10)/Gray-6 cups/1.2 liters (NHS-10)
$114.99: White-10 cups/1.8 liters (NHS-18)/Gray-10 cups/1.8 liters (NHS-18)
Rice Cooker/Steamer:
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