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Chef's Design Side-by-Side Griddle/Grill

Chef's Design Side-by-Side Griddle/Grill

  • Crafted of the finest heavy hand cast aluminum
  • Truly Versatile Side-by-Side Griddle and Grill
  • Turns the ordinary rangetop into a complete meal preparation center
  • Combines a ribbed, grilling surface with a standard smooth griddle on the same side
  • Conducts heat evenly without hot spots
  • Use wooden or non-metallic utensils
  • The tasty way to healthy cooking!
  • Healthy fat-free cooking
  • No seasonings or special treatment needed
  • Grease wells around the griddle platform channel fats and oils away from food into a large corner well
  • Perfectly Thaws frozen foods in just minutes and is better than defrosting trays
  • Rounded corners clean up fast and easy
  • Low-profile integrated handles make storage easy
  • Attractive, attention-getting, four-color carton
  • Excalibur non-stick coating
  • Suitable for glass/flat top ranges
  • 10 year limited warranty

Price: $64.99
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