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Bosch Universal
Slicer/Shredder Parts (MUZ6TS5)

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Slicer Shredder Parts

Sale Price:
$1.25: 1-Washer (1)
$1.99: 2-Plastic Bushing Cap only
$4.60: 3-CirClip (1 qty)
$4.99: 4-Fixed Gear
$9.95: 8-Batter Whip
$9.99: 6-Pusher/Measuring Cup/7-Drive Piece
$10.50: 9-Whisk Drive Gear, Black
$10.60: 10-Whisk Drive Gear, White
$15.99: 5-Drive Gear Set, White (for newer whisks
$21.99: 14-Drive Shaft
$22.00: 15-Potato Shredding Disc
$22.50: 17-Shredding Disk, reversible
$22.60: 18-French Fry Blade
$22.70: 19-Rasping Blade
$22.99: 11-Disk Holder/20-Replacement Whisk only
$29.99: 12-Top Cover/13-Stabilizing Pin & Cap
$31.99: 22-Julienne Disk
$32.99: 23-Slicing Disk, reversible
$34.99: 21-Bowl
$39.99: 16-Top Cover Complete
$76.50: 24-Whisk Assembly
Universal Slicer/Shredder Parts:
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