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HotSpot Silicone Counter Protector

HotSpot Silicone Counter Protector

Lambson goodnow silicone pot holder This silicone countertop cover offers a resting spot for hot pots to keep Formica or Corian safe from melting or blistering. It also protects countertops from scratches; prevents mixing bowls and cutting boards from sliding during use; and functions as a pot holder, jar opener, and garlic peeler. This trivet provides a large surface area that can fully cover the bottoms of most round or square casserole dishes. The silicone material is heat-resistant to 675 degrees Fahrenheit so heat wont transfer through the cover and a patterned surface keeps the trivet from slipping or sliding on any counter surface. This counter cover is flexible enough to roll up and store compactly in a drawer or has a hole in one corner to hang from a hook.


* Dishwasher-safe
* Functions as trivet, pot holder, anti-slip pad for mixing bowls, jar opener, garlic peeler
* Measures 11-1/2 by 11-1/2 inches square
* Constructed of flexible, slip-resistant silicone
* Heat-resistant to 675 degrees F
* Color: RED

Price: $14.99
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