The Vitamix company started as a small family owned and operated enterprise which gained fame (and its eventual company name) from its line of superior quality blenders. The now ubiquitous blender was, at that point, a relatively new invention, which had yet to prove its worth in household and commercial kitchens. After proving itself through the mid-20th century, the Vitamix blender became a staple in commercial kitchens in the 1980s.

The Vitamix Professional Series blenders sold by feature strong motors, fully adjustable speed-dial controls, and half-gallon capacity containers. The vital connections between their containers and their bases are constructed entirely of metal, so you need not worry about plastic parts wearing out or breaking. Professional Series blenders are in use in the kitchens of many of your favorite restaurants and behind the counters of many of your favorite smoothie bars.

the NEW Vitamix Professional Series 750 offers five pre-programmed settings, including a self-cleaning selection. The ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature allow you to precisely chop and mix ingredients to your exact specifications, making this blender the ultimate sous chef for your home kitchen.'s Vitamix blenders all come with instructional DVDs, extensive recipe books, and robust warranties. is also dedicated to providing customers with stellar customer service and support. Shop with confidence at, and call 800.950.9109 with your questions or comments. The staff will be happy to be of service to you.

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