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Wunderbag Reusable Pastry Bag 12"

Designed for baking professionals for heavy duty, extended use, the Ateco 3412 Wunderbag 12" polyurethane coated cotton reusable pastry bag is perfect for creating imaginative cupcakes, cakes, and food displays! Made of .008" thick cotton, coated with polyurethane, this pastry bag is easy to grip, and a leak-proof option for piping icing, mashed potatoes, and dough. Plus, thanks to its smooth interior lining, this bag is ideal for use with fatty or oily products as well as regular icing.

The coated cotton construction is easier to clean than canvas bags, and the heavy weight of the cotton makes it great for use with hot or cold contents. The microwave-safe construction simplifies food prep, and makes it easy to heat up icings or mashed potatoes before piping. With a reinforced tip, this bag is durable and designed to last through many uses. When the bag has been cleaned and is no longer needed, it features a loop to hang it for easy storage. Whether you're using it at home, a commercial bakery, or a catered event, this pastry bag is a reusable option to help you lessen your environmental impact.