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Shun Classic 3 1/2" Paring Knife


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  • Versatile, precise, and sharp, Shun Classic Paring Knife is a must-have knife for every professional or household kitchen. This easy-to-use paring knife is made for skilled and beginner chefs.
  • Pleasing to the eye, the Shun Classic Paring Knife features a D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handle and a bead-blasted blade to highlight the flowing pattern of layered steel.
  • Small blade is ideal for precision work such as peeling, trimming, coring, slicing, chopping, decorating or dicing fruits or vegetables, making meal prep an enjoyable experience
  • A prime example of Shun innovation and technology, the Classic Paring Knife uses high-performance steel for maximum edge retention and durability with proprietary VG-MAX core steel
  • Ideal for hand-held use such as peeling or pitting, the Paring Knife performs well on cutting boards for chopping and dicing smaller foods, making meal prep for small dinners or big parties simple
Make mundane tasks and meal prep efficient and enjoyable with a knife as precise and sharp as it is appealing to the eye. The Shun Classic 3.5-inch Paring Knife offers versatility in a smaller, convenient size. With a strong VG-MAX cutting core, Shun’s exclusive formula for optimal edge retention, the Paring Knife illustrates the emphasis Shun puts on quality and innovation. The knife offers a 3.5-inch long blade with a durable and beautiful ebony PakkaWood handle. The blade is bead-blasted to reveal flowing patterns of the steel, giving a unique appearance to an elite blade. The small blade provides utmost precision when peeling fruits or vegetables, trimming, dicing and other detail work. Quality should never be compromised, even for a price point; Shun knives exemplify innovative technology paired with contemporary designs. The Shun Classic Paring Knife is an essential for any kitchen.