Small Appliance Repair
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Small Appliance Repair
We are happy to offer in-house repair services for small appliances. We accept walk-ins and have small appliances shipped to us from all over the United States. We are not currently taking appointments. We service a variety of brands including, Bosch, KitchenAid, Breville, Cuisinart, and more. Please contact us about your specific appliance as parts are not always available even within brands that we regularly service. 

Repair costs vary greatly depending on the repair needed, brand, availability of parts, etc. To get an accurate price for a repair the item will need to be brought or shipped into our store. We charge a non-refundable $35 deposit at the time of drop-off. The deposit will be put towards the cost of the repair or if the customer decides not to go forward with the repair, the $35 is considered a diagnosis fee and will not be refunded. See below for common Bosch Universal Mixer repair estimates.

Turn Around Times
Due to the Holidays, repair times will vary. Outside of the Holiday season, each new repair will be completed in the timeliest manner possible. If the required parts are in-stock, repairs are generally completed within 5 business days of being brought in. 

Checking Your Appliance In
If you are bringing your appliance into our store, no appointment is necessary. Repairs may be dropped off at any time during regular business hours which include Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm. A $35 deposit will be required at the time of drop-off.

If you need to ship your appliance in, please make sure it is packaged properly so it isn't damaged in shipping. Include only the parts that need to be repaired. Please make sure to include a note in the package with your contact information (name, phone number, and address) along with a brief description of what's wrong with the appliance. We accept shipments from all major shipping companies and suggest you compare rates before choosing your carrier. Click on the links below for shipping calculators.

Shipping Calculators

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Our Shipping address:
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Once your appliance has been checked in it will be placed in the queue and looked at in the order in which it was received. One of our technicians will call you with the repair estimate once it has been looked at. Once a technician calls you, the appliance can usually be finished and shipped the same day. 

Common Bosch Mixer Repair Estimates

Prices shown below are estimates only. Until we open the appliance up, we cannot give a 100% accurate price for repair. If multiple repairs are needed, the prices will vary slightly because the costs of labor can be combined and are different case by case. Estimates listed below include parts and labor.


  • Mixer turns on, but the attachment (dough hook, wire whips, etc.) won’t turn.
  • Trans shaft is stripped. The part on the mixer base where the bowl connects is stripped or rusted. Estimated cost of repair $169.00


  • Bowl is stuck on the base.
  • Trans shaft is stripped. The part on the mixer base where the bowl connects is stripped or rusted. Estimated cost of repair $169.00.

        The bowl shaft may also need to be replaced. Estimated cost of replacement $30.18 - $76.92.


  • The mixer has no power or won’t turn on.
  • If it is a Bosch Universal Plus: Check the safety switch on the base where the blender attaches. If you can hold down the switch with your finger and the mixer turns on, then the attachment isn't properly assembled or the cover isn't on the motor.

        If it’s not the safety switch, there are several different parts that could be the problem and vary depending on the model of the mixer. Estimated          cost of repair $55.00 - $165.00.


  • Mixer is very loud when operating. 
  • Upper bearing, lower bearing, or both bearings need to be replaced. Estimated cost of repair $89.00 - $177.00.


  • Mixer is making a thumping noise.
  • Drum gear is stripped. Estimated cost of repair $169.00


  • Casings are broken.
  • Estimated cost of repair $80.00 - $159.00

  • Cord needs replacing.
  • Estimated cost of repair $65.00